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If you care less about the amount of tanks or simply don’t want to spend gold for slots, selling a tank will be a better idea for you. In order to sell a tank in World of Tanks Blitz, you need to do the following: In the garage, select a tank you wish to sell.

To purchase additional Garage slots, first, you must have the neccesary Gold in your account. You can find more about purchasing Gold here.After you have. Garage Slot Discount - General Discussion - World of Tanks Blitz ... Aug 9, 2017 ... Garage Slot Discount - posted in General Discussion: How much longer ... pixel tank collector you probably don't need any more garage slots:. Using Gold Wisely - World of Tanks - WoT Guru

PS4: World of Tanks Console. Tanks and crew. Articles in this section. How Do I Buy More GarageAfter you have enough Gold (300 Gold Per Slot unless on sale), simply scroll your tank reel all theOnce there, you will find a box labeled "Buy a Slot" with the amount of Gold required to buy that slot...

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my garage slots.... - General Discussion - Official Forum ... We can easily check your account and verify the amount of garage slots you had before, after 4.4 was deployed, and during the time a player engaged with the garage slot bug Player's passion for our games is the fuel that keeps my tank engine running every day.

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World of Tanks is giving players this holiday another free tank – well, for most of you, a free garage slot. World of Tanks - Free Garage Slot World of Tanks PC - More Garage Slots - Focus Friday.FOR FREE • QuickyBabyTV • I haven't played World of Tanks for free for a very long time, here's why I'm doing it again!