Who invented the sharpshooter

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The sharpshooter, originally named sasori-gatame, scorpion hold in English,[1][2] ... The move was invented by Japanese professional wrestler Riki Choshu,[3] ...

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The sharpshooter, originally named sasori-gatame, scorpion hold in English, is a professional wrestling submission hold.The move is similar to several other holds: cloverleaf leg-lace, Boston crab, standing reverse figure-four leglock, and, is also

Oct 11, 2013 ... Sharpshooter pistols had a whole page of their own in “The Shooter's Bible. ...... Here he is on camera showing how he created the fake injury: Colonel Hiram Berdan | American Civil War Forums Aug 16, 2018 ... Colonel Hiram Berdan (left) with famed sharpshooter, Truman ... He was the inventor of the Berdan rifle, the Berdan centerfire primer and ...

2016-9-30 · Seen in the hands of countless cowboys and Indians in countless Westerns, the Winchester rifle is often hailed as one of the guns that "won the West." There's a lot more to the story than that

31 Mar 2008 ... Sharpshooter, paratrooper, hero: the woman who set France ablaze ... "The truth about Charlotte Gray is that she was entirely invented. Picketing, Skirmishing, and Sharpshooting - Essential Civil War ... In the 19th century the term sharpshooter applied both to precision marksmen .... When the war began Berdan, a wealthy inventor and entrepreneur (as well as ... Brief Biography of Sharpshooter Annie Oakley - ThoughtCo 24 Feb 2019 ... Annie Oakley, a sharpshooter, wowed audiences of Buffalo Bill Cody's ... In 1894 Annie was invited by inventor Thomas Edison of nearby West ... Sharpshooter (professional wrestling) - Wikipedia

3 Apr 2019 ... Minutes later, they were back in the ring and Stone Cold was in the wrenches of Bret Hart's sharpshooter. They created a moment that nobody ...

Riki Chōshū http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sharpshooter _(professional_wrestling). sharpshooterkeychain.com/ – The Sharp Shooter Keychain… That’s Why I Invented The Sharp Shooter Keychain.With the Sharp Shooter Keychain, you’ll have the cool confidence of someone who KNOWS they can deliver a terrifying blow their assailant will never see coming.This device is great. So happy I own one. Thanks for inventing it. Sharpshooter (professional wrestling) - Infogalactic: the… The Sharpshooter, originally named Sasori-gatame, Scorpion Hold in English,[1][2] is a professional wrestling submission hold.The move was invented by Japanese professional wrestler Riki Choshu,[3] and it was popularized by Sting, but it is generally associated with Bret Hart, who used the... What is the difference between a sniper and sharpshooter